Our Services

Our Offering

At Prime Star, we’ve mastered the perfect mix of mature processes, in-depth technological expertise, flexible delivery models and effective project management systems which supports the various cycles of software development and guarantees excellent service delivery every time.

Custom Software Development

In order to maximize your return on investment, Prime Star develops unique, high impact software products that are scalable, secure and functional. Over time, we have mastered the art of creating custom software that take brands to the next level. We treat every project as our own to solve complex challenges for enterprises through software.

From analysis to design and development, we are able to add value, spur success and minimize risks. While building software, we understand the need to create user experiences that engage users. Our prowess in developing custom software solutions cuts through all verticals, including latest technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Blockchain. We also offer our services across all industries, including transport, healthcare, real estate, entertainment, hospitality, and more.

Web Development

Prime Star develops fully fledged web applications. We work with all the popular databases and APIs to implement scalable and integrated solutions. By blending various technology stacks ingeniously, we implement web app solutions that help streamline your business processes and deliver the highest value to your customers. Some of these stacks include:

  • PHP web development
  • JS Development
  • NET Core development
  • JS development
  • JS development
  • JS development

Mobile Development

Our mobile development team has garnered extensive experience building iOS and Android mobile applications using the same tools and techniques seen in the best apps on the Android and Apple app stores.

We ensure that your custom mobile applications meets all the high standards we will agree on and after launch, you can scale by adding new features as per need basis. We always work in your own repository, meaning that your code is always yours to do what you want with it.

Cross Platform Mobile Development

Cross-platform software refers to code that can be run on multiple operating systems or devices – platforms. When software can work on various platforms such as Windows, iOS and Android, the user can utilize the application on various platforms, giving more freedom.

We are able to develop such applications so you do not need to worry about leaving some of your customers out of the loop.

UI/UX Design

UX or interaction design refers to the design of the interaction between end users and an application. The main point if UX design is to come up with a system that allows users to meet their objectives as intuitively as possible. UI or User Interface design is the process of making software interfaces look appealing. The main aim of UI I to engage and satisfy the user in terms of aesthetics. Prime Star employs a human-centric approach to software design. This means that we present app features in a way that will most engage and satisfy the end users’ needs. If it is a web software solution, we will ensure that it adjusts according to the various screen sizes of any device accessing the software. If it is a mobile application, we will provide users with an experience that utilizes all the popular features in their native platform, whether Android, iOS or Windows.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Our QA and testing team is there to ensure that your software application is set up properly to deliver exceptional, bug-free customer experiences as you would expect. This does not limit our services to simply finding bugs and sending error reports.

We employ both manual and automated testing to identify user patterns and uncover trends to ensure that the application is serving users as intended.